Never Pay for Magazines Again!

I made a great discovery this morning that I felt I need to share with the world. I try many reward sites, but am often frustrated by how long it takes to cash in for rewards. This morning I tried out Recyclebank and was able to cash in for a 2-year magazine subscription in under 20 minutes! Simply flip through some slideshows about recycling and once you have 300 points or less depending on the magazine, you’re set to cash in. Each slideshow earns you about 30 points, so it really is that easy.

*this post includes a referral link but all opinions expressed are unbiased and solely my own

How To Try Dollar Shave Club For Free!

I began to sign up for Dollar Shave Club, added the package to my shopping cart and created an account, but then stopped because there was a place for a coupon code, so of course I had to find one!  Forgetting about it in the meantime, a month later I received an email from Dollar Shave Club with just that.  A code for my first month free.  So now you know how to go forth, wait them out, and get your first month of Dollar Shave Club for free as well.

Enjoy the deal,


*This post contains a referral link, but all opinions expressed are purely my own