5 Things You Forgot to Spring Clean

spring cleaning

1. Your Makeup

Lots of people keep makeup way longer that they should.  One way to prevent this is by putting a little sticker on your makeup when you open it with the month and year you should get rid of it.  This will make going through your makeup really easy. As a rule of thumb here’s how long different cosmetics are good for:

Cosmetics Lifespan

2. Your Pillows

When was the last time you cleaned your pillows?  Pillows hold dust and bacteria and although often overlooked, should be cleaned on a regular basis, especially if you suffer from allergies.  To clean pillows, put them in your washing machine on the hottest setting along with a cup of laundry detergent and a cup of bleach.  Orient your pillows so that the weight is evenly distributed in the machine (only vital for machines with an agitator).  Make sure that the pillows are well rinsed (rinse again if needed) and transfer to the dryer along with tennis balls wrapped in socks.  These will serve to fluff the pillows and prevent lumps.  Dry at low heat until fully dry and you can sleep easier knowing that you’re breathing in cleaner air.

3. Your Oven

Now that it’s warm enough for grilling, chances are your oven will get a nice long break.  That means that it’s the perfect time to give it a nice thorough cleaning since it will actually stay clean!  Do you really feel like going above and beyond?  Clean in between the glass too.  Here’s a link to great tutorial on how to do so that Elyse used and was successful with:


 4. Underneath the Couch

Yes, it may be scary, you may find some interesting stuff down there, but this is that time of year.  Move the couch and any other furniture that you typically can’t access with your regular routine and get rid of those dust bunnies.

5. Your Closet

Is your prom dress still sitting in your closet even though you know you’re never going to wear it again?  If so now’s the time to get rid of it!  You’re just in time to make someone’s prom special by donating your dress to a project like Operation Prom.   For the rest of your closet, request a clean out kit from Thred Up (use this link for $10 free spending money!), fill it up with anything you no longer wear, and send it back (no worries, it’s free shipping).  They’ll pay you cash for the clothes you sent and you can use this money to buy a brand new spring wardrobe, or spend it on whatever you want.

Happy Cleaning!