Swagbucks Tips and Tricks: A Goldmine for College Students


Hey guys, here’s my favorite way to earn a little extra spend money even when life gets crazy busy.  It’s Swagbucks and thanks to it I’ve earned over $430 since 2011 in Amazon gift cards with very little time investment.  How much you can make is all about how much time you have to invest, but trust me a little bit can go along way.  Here are my top tips for earning Swagbucks effortlessly.

1. Make Swagbucks Your Search Engine

I use Google Chrome and under “settings” you have the option to change which search engine your omnibar directs you to.  Swagbucks are earned randomly while searching, so by always using Swagbucks you can increase your chances of earning with literally no effort.

2. Get the App

On my iPhone, I’ve installed the Swagbucks mobile app.  This makes it ridiculously easy to answer the daily poll which gets you a Swagbuck daily.

3. Get the SBTV App

This app actually makes me move productive while I earn free money, go figure.  Through this app you can play continuous videos and are rewarded after every 5 videos.  How does this make me more productive?  Well, as an easily distracted college kid I can start videos playing on my phone and am less tempted to check it while working on homework or whatever because my phone is busy making me money.  (Yes it’s playing  movies right now!)

4. Codes

Codes are fast Swagbuck earners so here’s how you make sure to get them all.  First, allow the app to notify you, because it will let you know when there is a code up.  Then, instead of hunting it down on all the different forms of social media it may be on, just go to sbcodez.com and they’ll let you know what the code word is.  You can even enter the code right in the app!

5.  Referrals

Your friends earn, you earn, everyone earns!  Can’t go wrong with that.

*Bonus Tip*

Make your Amazon gift cards go farther with free shipping for college students!

Are you a pro Swagbucker?  Add your tips below!


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