7 Essentials for a Tiny Kitchen

1. Enameled Cast Iron Pot

cast iron

A pot like this can be used for anything from boiling pasta to baking casseroles to frying veggies.  Being able to move from the stove to the oven makes this a worthy essential for even the tiniest of kitchens.

2. A Multipurpose Mug

This is a mug, a bowl, and a storage container for leftovers all in one.

3. The Basic Utensils

Don’t forget forks, knives, and spoons, but also the bigger tools like a wooden mixing spoon, plastic spatula, plastic serving spoon (you don’t want to use metal on your enameled cast iron), kitchen shears and a can opener.

4. A good set of knives

A utility knife, pairing knife, and chef’s knife should be sufficient for whatever you need to cut.

5. Measuring Cup

Something like this can be used to measure ingredients for a cake, but also for heating and serving gravy and sauces, or if you’re in a real pinch, I admit I have made and eaten ramen from a measuring cup before.

6. Pizza Stone

This is not simply for making delicious pizza.  With a pizza stone you also get a cookie tray, hot plate, and cutting board.

7. Collapsible Salad Spinner

Colanders are a must for draining pasta and veggies, but there’s no reason one should take up all your cupboard space. This collapsible salad spinner gives you not only a colander, but also a collapsible mixing/salad bowl and a salad spinner and takes up so little space.

And there you have it, the only seven items you need for a fully functional kitchen (okay I may have stretched it a little by grouping the utensils as one).  Obviously, this is just a basis, depending on how fancy you want to get, there are many more options, but be sure to keep a look out for the multipurpose items that really put your cupboard real estate to good use!